Decorative Line & Symbol Painting for Your Hardscape

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In interior design, there are basic design elements that must be used for excellent results to be achieved. These include line and symbol painting. It’s important to note that when it comes to interior design, some parts that seem subtle can turn out to be the most crucial. For instance, some lines seem like simple shapes that may be used in the background or foreground lettering. However, they can also be the most dominant elements of art in a design.

Essentially, lines and symbols in a hardscape are not painted the same. Some are thick while others are not. However, each line or symbol creates a specific meaning and impression. So, before you decide on the decorative line or symbol painting for your hardscape, know the impression or meaning that you want to create.

Decorative Lines

A decorative line is a simple shape that connects two points. A line is simply made of one stroke. In painting, a line can be vertical, horizontal, or have any orientation that the painter or artist prefers. It’s also possible to have multiple lines intersecting or connecting to form purposeful groupings or patterns. What’s more, there are no rules that govern how short, long, thin, or thick a line should be. A line can also be curved or straight. Basically, a line is a movement sense since it connects points. A line can make the human eye move from one point to another in a single motion. Designers accomplish this in ways that seem subtlety or obvious. Nevertheless, decorative lines are used for purposes of embellishing a text, an object, or a design element. And they are mostly used with other design elements. For instance, a line can be used to underline a text.

Symbol Painting

In painting, a symbol is anything recognizable that represents or stands for something else. Essentially, a symbol can represent or stand for an ideal, a concept, or anything that may be hard to paint or draw. For instance, a symbol can be used to represent or stand for hope or love. Painters such as Sandman Painting, a painting company in Canada, use symbols from different places including nature. Examples of symbols from nature include the sun and a flower. There are also man-made object that act as symbols in painting. These include a color that is used to represent something else. In most cases, symbol painting for hardscape is used to express personality, to document something, or to make understanding easier. For instance, symbolic painting is used to enable children to learn and understand concepts. This is very common for kids that are about 3 years old. That’s because at this age, children start to comprehend and create symbols as a way of telling stories.

Design artists use symbol painting to extend their inner workings. They use symbols illustrate ideas and explore their imaginations. Today, you can find great works of art that are part of the symbol painting of the hardscape of artists. Some of these works have beautiful illustrations that depict the art history. They feature symbols like the moon, the sun, shell, dogs, cats, ladder, mirrors, and books among others. All these symbols are used in painting to ensure that the final hardscape conveys a clear, specific message.

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