5 Trending Paving Ideas for a Modern Home

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Because even the smallest of detail can lift your ordinary paver to another league!

Patios and pavements matter! Curved or straight, modern or contemporary, it is a pavement that traverses the garden, enriches the landscape, and adds grace to your patio. If you are looking for some fresh ideas to add appeal to your outdoor space, you’ve just landed to the right place. From old school style to the trendiest contemporary designs for your pavement, here are some stunning paving ideas to spark your imagination. Take heart these ideas and give your outdoor space a facelift.

Be innovative with the stones – Looking for an easy way to revamp your pavement? Stepping stones pathways are a fun way to add a unique design to your outdoor landscape. Placing some granite curb stones across the pathway will not only reduce the wear on the grass but also provide a stable surface for walking.

Play with the patterns – Take the idea of stepping steps one level up and make a random or a checkerboard pattern of the pavers across the walkway. Adding the stones to the angle of 45 degrees is a simple and creative way to add to the aesthetics of your pavement.

Try free styling – Modern pathways don’t need to follow a symmetrical structure. You can create a pavement using pebbles, pavers, or cobblestones that take you across the way. Make use of the innovative patterns like swirly, wavy, and zigzag, which will give you a freestyle path with a minimalist effort.

Try the staircase style – Are you tight on a budget but craving for a terra ce or a staircase style as the entrance to your patio? Ace it by covering the pathway with the combination of grass steps and sturdy.

Use a little DIY idea – By using the same stone creatively in different ways, you can easily achieve a mosaic-paved area. No, not mosaic infill! Use pebbles, limestone, concrete slabs, or marbles, make a contrast and lay them down on the pathway. The shades may vary a little but ultimately it will give you a Mediterranean styled pathway. When it comes to a patio or a garden paver designs, there is a huge variety of patterns

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